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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a very powerful concept. Cloud Computing is not just used for consumer apps but also for business apps. We call this as Enterprise cloud computing. So let’s break this further down to know what cloud computing is all about?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an electronic based computing process that helps you avoid dealing with complex practices. You might have big ideas that streamline your business and drive sales through roof. But to get there you would write business apps, and these business apps have always been too expensive. Consider the scenario below:  

Behind each app is the world of complexity involved. They require a Data Center with office space, power, cooling, bandwidth, network servers and storage. Along with this, a complicated Software stack like Crystal Reports, OBLIX 7.00, TIBCO 7.2.1, ORACLE 11.1, WEBLOGIC , JDK 6 , Windows VistaSP2, etc, is needed and to add  on, a team of experts to maintain them. Also, there is a necessity for Development, Testing, Staging, Production and Failure Environment.  Phew! When there encounters a problem then, ‘Oh Good Luck’, you call the technical support. What if they don’t know how to resolve? They then blame someone else.  Upgrading to new versions would degrade the whole system. This is the situation for a single app but when you multiply these headaches across hundreds or thousands of apps, it’s easy to see what the biggest company with best IT Departments aren’t getting the apps they need. Small Business doesn’t even have a chance to survive.

Now, here is where the Cloud computing concept comes into picture. With Gmail,

Do you require servers and storage? No.  

Do you require a technical team to keep it up and running? No.  

Do you have to do any upgrades? No.  

With Cloud computing, the setup running your apps runs on a shared data center. You just need to plug-in. This makes it faster to get started and cost less. When you use any app that runs in a cloud, you just need to login, customize it and start executing. That’s the power of cloud computing!

Cloud computing for a layman  

Let me give another great example for Cloud Computing. To generate electricity via turbines, magnets, batteries, transformers and fossil fuels, there is a cloud named “Electricity Company” that takes care of all these and supplies it to your home. All you need to do is just plug-in. Now, let’s apply the same logic on computers. Here in the cloud, you have computer stuffs that you don’t like to deal with such as servers, storage, office space, power, cooling etc. But you can access the power of these things by simply plugging into the cloud using the internet and it would bill you based on the usage by pooling in the resources together.  

Cloud computing - Business perspective  

These days, businesses run all kinds of apps such as CRM, HR, Accounting and custom built ones. With custom build apps, you can be up and running in few days which is totally unheard of for traditionally built software. They are based on an architecture called “Multi-Tenancy”.

With a Multi-Tenant app, you avoid duplication of each app and access only one app that everyone shares. Now, this is flexible enough for everyone to customize based on their specific needs. So when your app runs on a cloud you don’t buy anything. You don’t need to pay for personnel, product, facilities and it turns out to be more scalable, secure and reliable than the majority of apps out there. Let someone else invest in the infrastructure so you can focus on your key business applications. It’s all rolled out in your predictable monthly subscription. In addition, you pay based on usage alone. Finally cloud app is a simple model that has a huge impact on your bottom line!

( The author, Tauseef.M, is a Software Engineer for Binary Spectrum).



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Very Good post indeed. You have focused on its merits. I would like to know about its demerits too if exist, and also how can it be implemented by a small company.

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