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When do you know it's time to move on to an EMR?

Shifting from your manual paper-based documentation of medical records to an automated EMR surely seems like an attractive and smart move. However, it would not prove to be smart enough unless, on basic analysis of your current organizational workflow and post EMR implementation operational efficiency, the latter really helps you imbibe cost effective reduction in documentation time. There will be variance in the outcomes in taking this step for practitioners, physicians, healthcare providers, polyclinics, diagnostic centers, small – medium sized hospitals and large scaled hospitals.

For the initial and potential users, the main focus would be on gaining knowledge about the risk of continuing with the paper-based functioning. The initial steps would involve in judging the need for an EMR. It could either be to increase operational efficiency, or to reduce the number of employees working or just as a step to enter the web based world of technology! Whatever the reason, it has to be convincing for making such a decision.



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